Kjell Øystein Arisland - curriculum vitae

General data

Born July 3, 1953 in Oslo, Norway
Married since 1974 to Wenche Arisland
Five children

Home address

Hoelveien 4
N-1400 Ski

Current companies I own and operate

Clickwalk AS, CandleWeb AS, Computers and Learning AS, Arisland Enterprises AS

Access data

Mobile: (+47) 92 82 55 10
Home: (+47) 64 88 92 65
E-mail: kjell@clickwalk.no


1984:Cand.Scient. (M.Sc.) Institutt for informatikk, Univ. of Oslo, subject Computer science

1982:Cand.Mag. (B.Sc.) Institutt for informatikk, Univ. of Oslo, main subject Computer science, secondary subject Mathematics

Professional experience

Sep 2008 - present: Information Technology Consultant in Computers and Learning AS, ref: www.candle.no and developer of AINTscience, ref: www.aintscience.com

Aug 2007 - Aug 2008: President of Clickwalk AS, ref: www.clickwalk.com

Jun 2004 - Jul 2007: IPR Manager of TraceTracker Innovation ASA, ref: www.tracetracker.com

Feb 2000 - May 2004: President of Clickwalk AS, ref: www.clickwalk.com

Sep 1999 - Jan 2000: Senior consultant, Internet banking, Kreditkassen

May 1997 - Aug 1999: President of CandleWeb AS, IT consulting and software development.

Dec 1993 - Apr 1997: Assistant professor (Amanuensis), Digital logic, computer design and microelectronics group, Institutt for informatikk (Dept. of computer science), Univ. of Oslo

Dec 1991 - Oct 1993: President, Oslonett AS - First Norwegian Internet service provider

Oct 1988 - Nov 1991: President (part time), Computers and Learning AS - educational software

Nov 1987 - Nov 1992: Ass.prof.(Amanuensis), Institutt for informatikk, Univ. of Oslo

Mar 1986 - Nov 1987: President, Oslo VLSI AS - micro-electronics

Jan 1985 - Mar 1986: Ass.prof.(Amanuensis), Institutt for informatikk, Univ. of Oslo

Aug 1977 - Dec 1984: Student with many not-so-professionally-interesting jobs

Aug 1972 - Aug 1977: Technical Director, International A-Valves (AS in Norway and Inc in Canada), developing and patenting various types of valves

Other work experience functions

Founder and chairman of Oslo VLSI AS, Computers and Learning AS, Oslonett AS, CandleWeb AS and Clickwalk AS

Councellor for approximately 20 M.Sc. students, teaching writing skills as much as guiding them on the computer science content of their theses

Published some scientific papers, e.g. Integration, the VLSI Journal, Volume 2, Issue 4, December 1984, Pages 331–347, VLSI parallel shift sort algorithm and design

and The "Awe" programming language


Fluent and frequently articulate in Norwegian and English, both verbally and in writing. Dialects are Oslo, east end, and southern Ontario with a Norwegian accent.

Understands Swedish and Danish, and once learned some German and French, but never used it, so it's long gone.

Fluent in HTML, C, general geek and baby-talk. Has learned and forgotten more computer languages than you can shake a stick at. Examples: Algol, Cobol, Fortran, ... 6502, 8080, Z80, 8085, 286, ... (assembler), ISPS, VHDL, Spice, ... (HW sim.spec.), GIF, PCX, TIFF, PostScript, TeX, ... (graphics&markup) and much more.

Proficient enough to make a living programming C++, Java, Javascript and Perl.

Hooked in 1982: Internet and Web technology addict, loves Wikipedia, Apache and tinkering with HTML, CSS, DOM & al, both professionally and for fun.

Rarely uses bad language.

Miscellaneous stuff I am proud of, somehow

Won first prize in the Norwegian "Young Scientists" competitions 1970 and 1972, for inventing valves that were later patented, e.g. U.S. patent 3,705,601. Learned to write my own patent applications.

Received a "World's best dad" tea mug in 2000

Seemingly endless experience as household repairman, mechanic, furniture mover and maker of lunchbox sandwiches

Completed Oslo Marathon four times, but never entered NY Marathon

Frequent train, subway and tram passenger and has held many season tickets

Lived July 1975 - August 1977, and July 1995 - June 1996 in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Genes (if so lucky): Mother authored 10 children's books, father wrote advertising copy, grandfather (1874-1939) was an electrical engineer, and the grandfather I worshipped taught me how to paint a house, saw wood, row a boat, and most importantly: fishing.

More information about skills, interests, current work etc


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